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 Ying Liu(刘颖,博士生), Xiaoming Yang, Fachun Lai(赖发春), Zhigao Huang(黄志高), Xiuzhi Li, Zujian Wang, Chao He, Ju Lin, Xifa Long, Structure and properties of Pb(Lu1/2Nb1/2)O3–0.2PbTiO3 relaxor ferroelectric crystal, Materials Research Bulletin 67, 83-86 (2005).



Ferroelectric crystal Pb(Lu1/2Nb1/2)O3–0.2PbTiO3 (PLN–0.2PT) was successfully obtained by a top-seed solution growth technique. At room temperature the symmetry was orthorhomic according to X-ray diffraction (XRD). The super-lattice reflections were identified by XRD and transmission electron microscope (TEM). The micro-domain structure was detected by TEM. The temperature dependence of the dielectric constant (?’) shows a typical relaxor behavior. The temperature dependence of coercive electric field and remnant polarizations were investigated, which also shows the relaxor feature.

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