我院师生最新论文在Materials Research Bulletin上发表

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Mingzhong Zou(邹明忠,硕士生), Jiaxin Li(李加新,博士生), Weiwei Wen(温伟伟,硕士生), Yingbin Lin(林应斌), Heng Lai(赖恒), Zhigao Huang(黄志高), Free-standing anode of N-doped carbon nanofibers containing SnOx for high-performance lithium batteries, Materials Research Bulletin 60, 868-871 (2014).



Free-standing paper of N-doped carbon nanofibers (NCNFs) containing SnOx was prepared by electrospinning. The structure and morphology of the sample were analyzed by XRD, XPS, SEM, and TEM. The results show that nitrogen atoms were successfully doped into CNFs. The SnOx were homogenously embedded in the N-doped CNFs via annealing treatment. Subsequently, the SnOx NCNF paper was cut into disks and used as anodes for lithium ion batteries (LIBs). The anodes of SnOx NCNFs exhibit excellent cycling stability and show high capacity of 520 mA h g−1 tested at a 200 mA g−1 after 100 cycles. More importantly, at a high current density of 500 mA g−1, a large reversible capacity of 430 mA h g−1 after 100 cycles can still be obtained. The good electrochemical performance should be attributed to the good electronic conductivity from the NCNFs and the synergistic effects from NCNFs and SnOx materials.

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