2017年9月6日15:30-17:30,旗山校区理工楼3-303,翁红明研究员,学术讲座【Topological Semimetals: Materials prediction by First-principles Calculations】

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学术讲座【Topological Semimetals: Materials prediction by First-principles Calculations】

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主讲:中国科学院物理研究所 研究员


     Topological semimetals (TSMs), characterized by Weyl/Dirac nodes in the bulk and possible Fermi arcs on surface, are new states of three-dimensional quantum matters, extending the topological classification of matters from insulator to metal. The low energy excitation in Dirac/Weyl semimetal (WSM) behaviors in the similar way as the massless Dirac/Weyl fermion described with Dirac/Weyl equation. The Weyl fermion has certain chirality and has not been discovered since Hermann Weyl proposed it in 1929. Its recent quasiparticle discovery in solids has inspired intensive and wide interests in the field of TSMs. Lorentz invariant symmetries are broken in solids, which leads to more unconventional quasiparticles beyond the high-energy field theory. This greatly enriches the TSM states, including Node-Line semimetal, type-II WSM, multiple-degenerate nodal point semimetal, etc. In this talk, I will introduce our theoretical predictions of realistic materials to host these intriguing quantum states, as well as their experimental progresses.